Affiliate System

What is an Affiliate and how does it Work?
Affiliate marketing involves referring a product or service. The affiliate earns a commission each time someone makes a purchase through the unique affiliate link associated with their referral.

The Zalvis Affiliate program is a marketing program wherein we pay a certain fixed commission to people who drive new customers’ sales to Zalvis.

For many, the best way to start promoting our services would be a simple affiliate link, which leads your referrals to Zalvis’s homepage. When someone visits our website through your affiliate link, a cookie with your affiliate ID gets dropped on their computer. It is then used to track the order this user completes and mark it as an affiliate.

Affiliate links
Create and share unlimited affiliate links for targeting different URLs, campaigns and shop configurations. When clicked, a cookie will be set on the visitor’s browser and subsequent purchase activity will be attributed to your account.

A referral is someone who first visits Zalvis via one of your custom affiliate links and goes on to make a purchase. Each referral will show in the referrals table in your client account.

Commission History
This is a history of commissions paid to this affiliate. It also shows pending commissions and those that were cancelled.

To know more about how our affiliate works, please click here to read about our Affiliate Program and Affiliate Terms and Conditions.

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