About Us

Empowering people to move their dreams forward.

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Who Are We

Zalvis is an independent company founded in 2017, completely bootstrapped and still 100% owned by Zalerics.

Zalerics have no intention of stopping anytime soon, despite how nicely we often ask them to slow down a little.

Our founders are still heavily involved in making daily decisions and leading the company with hands-on attention to detail in order to continually improve the customer satisfaction.

Our Way

Zalvis doesn't do things a certain way just because other companies do that and Zalvis doesn't not do things just because other companies don't do them.

As one of the last few independent hosting companies in the world, Zalvis has the financial freedom and flexibility to innovate quickly without ever begging for approval from 3rd party VC investors.

The primary goal at Zalvis is to bring its customers the best service (forever), without any bumps, hiccups or drops in quality, be that of the support team, new NVMe SSD servers or our famously outrageous page loading speed.

How We Do It

We pamper our customers with a seamless migration process and designated personal concierge around the clock. We help out with every aspect of a WordPress website and offer optimizations to improve performance.

We treat every customer with attention and consideration and are available when needed the most - so they can get back to business and keep pushing forward.

Zalvis for Change Makers

Zalvis believes in people and businesses trying to help solve problems. Both internally within our team & for our customers.

Оur high-speed hosting service is designed to give people like you the freedom to do what is important to them - whether their purpose is to bring about a big change in the world or to achieve a small change in their personal life. For those who have a dream and act upon it to make it a reality. And their website is a key tool to get them there.

We call these people Change Makers!