How To Request A Migration From Another Web Host To Zalvis?

At Zalvis, we offer a free website migration service for all the customers who have an existing website with another hosting provider and want to switch to us.

From the moment your order is activated, follow the steps below to request a migration from another host to Zalvis.

Free Migration Service Disclaimers

  • The website migration service does not include transferring a domain name.
  • You can request a free migration within 60 days from the moment your order is activated.
  • We can migrate up to 200 cPanel accounts (website files, MySQL databases, and email data) — free of charge.
  • We can migrate up to 10 non-cPanel accounts (website files and MySQL databases) — free of charge.
  • We can migrate up to 10 non-cPanel email accounts Email data for non-cPanel accounts can be transferred only through Imapsync (IMAP transfers tool).

Should you require additional migrations above what is included with our free migration service or after 60 days from the moment your order is activated, additional charges are applicable.

Pricing is outlined below, and discounts are offered for bulk migrations:

cPanel Migrations

  • 1-5 cPanel Accounts – $10 per cPanel account
  • 6-10 cPanel Accounts – $5 per cPanel account
  • 11-20 cPanel Accounts – $4 per cPanel account
  • 21-30 cPanel Accounts – $3 per cPanel account
  • 31-49 cPanel Accounts – $2 per cPanel account
  • 50+ cPanel Accounts – $1 per cPanel account

Non-cPanel Migrations

  • $10 per website
  • $10 per website (Internal Migrations).

Email Migrations

  • $5 per email address (non-cPanel Migrations).

How Does Website Migration Work?

1) Once you have submitted the migration request, a ticket is automatically created with our Migrations department.
2) From there, one of our  Migration experts will log in to your current account and determine the best possible way to move your sites to us.
3) If your current provider uses cPanel (as we do), our team will create a full cPanel backup of your account, transfer it and restore it on our servers.
If your provider does not use cPanel, we will perform a backup using a wide array of tools and techniques (including zip/tar, FTP, SSH, MySQL exports, etc.).
4) We will run checks on all data moved to ensure that nothing was lost during the migration.
5) We will configure our local DNS zone so that all you have to do is point your domains to our domain name servers.
6) That’s it! Once you point your domains to our DNS, your sites will work from our servers (within 24 hours due to DNS propagation).

During the migration period, your website and emails will run normally from your former host and there will be no downtime involved.

How To Request A Migration?

1) Log into your Client Area.

2) Click on the Support icon located in the left menu.

3) Click on the Submit Ticket button and select the Migrations department.

4) Please make sure you provide us with the details required in the migration request form:

That’s it! From this point, our Migration experts will start the migration and keep you posted about the progress in your ticket.

If you have any questions, please let us know before placing a migration request!

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