Invoicing and Suspension

This article covers invoicing policies for Zalvis hosting accounts (invoice dates, renewal dates, and overdue invoices). These policies provide our customers with ample time to settle their invoices to avoid service disruption.

Grace Periods

There is a 3-30-day window between invoice generation and the beginning of the next billing cycle for hosting services. Hosting services will be suspended if the invoice is still unpaid on the 3rd day after the due date. Domain names expire on the due date of the invoice. Before the renewal invoice is generated, a notice is sent 45 days before your account is suspended

If we cannot successfully charge your card(s) on file or process your payment, we send out notifications to your primary email address to avoid account suspension and data loss. If the account got suspended and remains suspended after you paid all the invoices, please reach out to our support.

Automatic Payment Methods

Automatic billing can be enabled by placing one or more credit/debit cards on file. When it is time for any open invoices to be paid, the card(s) on file will be automatically charged. Zalvis will generate invoices and process automatic payments depending on your billing cycle and the product in question

Invoice Dates

An invoice notification email is sent out at the time of invoice generation 3 days prior to the billing date indicating the outstanding amount and the due date. Invoices are due on the billing date. If you have an auto-renewal option enabled for the hosting package, the stored credit card on our system will be automatically charged on the 3rd day after invoice generation. If the attempt failed in the first auto-renewal, the system will try to renew the hosting plan 2 and 5 days after the billing date. If the system receives an error related to the invalidity of a card, it sets a pause for three days till the next charge, if not renewed, will get the service suspended. It is recommended to renew the service manually in such cases. Invoices can be settled manually at any time until the service is terminated.

Renewal Date

If you purchased a monthly hosting account on the 22nd of the month, your hosting account will renew on the 22nd of the following month, this also applies to the yearly billing cycle. You can manually renew your hosting account before an invoice is generated.


Unpaid invoices will result in the suspension of your web hosting services. All hosting plans become automatically suspended 3 days after the invoice due date.


Invoices are not generated for cancelled web hosting services. Your web hosting service gets automatically terminated after a cancellation request has been submitted. If you wish to cancel your Zalvis account, please refer to our article Cancellation and Refund

In case the outstanding balance is not paid within 30 days after the billing date your web
hosting services will be terminated.

You can always log into your customer portal, in the billing section to check your billing account information. If you have any questions regarding your Zalvis invoicing or automatic payments, please contact us via our support channels and we will be more than happy to help.

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