Suspending or Unsuspending Accounts in WHM

This tutorial teached you how to suspend a hosting account in WHM.

1) Click the account functions link.

2) Now click the manage account suspension link.

This is the page where you can suspend a hosting account or unsuspend a previously suspended account.

3) Select ‘’ as the account you want to suspend.

Alternatively, you could also have selected the account’s username.

4) Type in a reason for the suspension here (this is for your own reference)

5) Then click the suspend button.

The account will be suspended! Now when someone browses to this account’s website, they’ll see the suspended account message instead of the home page.

6) Let’s go back to the manage account suspension page.

All domains in red are suspended domains.

7) You can unsuspend a suspended account by selecting it first and then clicking unsuspend.

8) Click unsuspend.

The account will be unsuspended.

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to suspend and unsuspend hosting accounts in WHM.

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