Bare Metal vs Dedicated Servers – How Do They Compare?


Bare Metal vs Dedicated Servers: Discover the key differences in performance, customization, scalability, and cost to choose the best server solution for your needs.

It is safe to say that choosing the right server is crucial for the success of a business. Are you stuck in deciding between a bare metal or a dedicated server? This article will clear up all the underlying differences between these two options and help you make the best hosting decision to suit your unique needs.

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Today, in the world we’re living in, technology has so far revolutionized our lives. With the latest inventions and advancements, technology in no case compromising on trying and building new techniques that can change the way we do things. And when it comes to doing business online, servers have played an extremely vital role in carrying out multiple tasks fast and efficiently. In this regard, we have seen the rise of bare metal servers over the last few years. However, a good number of people are still confused with regards to bare metal and traditional dedicated servers.  

Understanding the differences and similarities between these dedicated hosting services is the key to unlock the right technology that suits your business. But before moving forward, first, have a look at what bare metal and dedicated servers actually are.

What is a Dedicated Server?

In simple words, a dedicated server is a physical server that is used to host the applications and services of a single hosting tenant. Unlike virtual servers, everything in the infrastructure of these physical machines is at the disposal of the user and can be configured according to the requirements of a single-tenant environment.

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In a dedicated server, users don’t have to share their space with anyone else and have full control over the physical machine. Dedicated servers are usually best for the high-traffic traffic websites, web applications, and all the other hosting scenarios where performance is paramount. Due to this high performance and dedicated resources, dedicated servers are considered as one of the highest performance hosting options.

What is a Bare Metal Server?

Today, bare metal servers are really a hot topic in the world of web hosting. They are also physicals servers dedicated to a single tenant, without any virtualization layer in the middle. Bare metal provides many of the same benefits as traditional dedicated servers while enhancing each function with refined provisioning protocols.

These physical servers can also be optimized according to the needs of a single-tenant environment. Still, with the enhanced provisioning on the board, users can experience their web hosting faster than ever before. This dedicated hosting service has already begun to render its services in high-demand activities and expected to become more and more popular in the coming time.

Bare Metal vs Dedicated Servers:

Bare Metal vs Dedicated Servers – How Do They Compare?

Bare metal and dedicated servers share several common traits, but they are not the same. In their similarities, both types of dedicated hosting have servers that are physical in nature and lack any element of virtualization. Also, they are single-tenant machines, providing dedicated resources that are not shared with any other users.

But at the same time, several differences completely separate these two server types. Bare metal machines are equipped with the latest and best in class hardware, and that’s why they are usually among the hosting provider’s flagship products. Some of the significant differences between bare metal and traditional dedicated servers are the following.

The Difference in Operation:

Previously, traditional dedicated servers were well known to be time-consuming and challenging for their manually provisioning. Fortunately, this situation has changed with the introduction of new technology. Bare metal servers are specially designed to automate the provisioning process, and therefore, they require a shorter span of time to set up.

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Furthermore, a bare metal server is typically comprised of several dedicated servers, running in harmony through a hypervisor. This unique arrangement of the virtual machine enables each individual dedicated server to share the resources with others so that they can collectively perform in a way that a single dedicated server can never achieve alone.

The Difference in Hardware:

In terms of hardware, bare metals servers have a clear competitive edge over traditional dedicated servers. Whether it is the newest generation of Intel Xeon Processors or DDR4 Random Access Memory with Error Correcting Code (ECC), bare-metal servers come with all the latest technologies. Likewise, the storage technology used in these servers is also superior, with the adoption of NVMe solid-state drives (SSDs) instead of standard SATA SSDs and hard drives.

Cost Differentiations:

The most noteworthy difference between bare metal and dedicated servers is in terms of pricing or cost. Dedicated servers offer traditional payment plans, which allow you to set monthly or yearly contracts that can easily be compared in total cost across the industry.

On the other hand, bare-metal servers provide more flexible per-hour billing plans that enable you to pay for only what you use. This method helps control the costs directly and ideal for websites and applications that experience higher traffic at peak times.

Which one is better?

Neither bare metal servers nor dedicated servers are better in every circumstance or for everyone. In today’s business environment, choosing one or the other should be according to what suits your business model. Like, bare metal is a better option when you need a cost-effective server for a website with seasonal traffic upticks or if you’re primarily concerned about provisioning.

Despite their overwhelming popularity, bare metal servers are not the best choice for every type of business. However, if you need the fastest, more powerful, and more flexible server, then the bare metal is the best choice.

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Why Choose a Bare Metal Server?

Here are some of the reasons that ascertain why the bare metal server is the right choice for your business needs.

Better Reliability:

Experience better reliability, bare metal helps you to avoid the “noisy neighbor effect,” as you’re not sharing resources with any other tenant.

Better Security:

Dedicated bare-metal servers are generally considered as physically more secure. User has complete control over the virtual machine, and accessing the memory or storage requires physical access to the machine.

Better Performance:

With great processing power and a single-tenant environment, you can optimize the physical server’s resources for your business workloads so that it can completely perform according to your unique requirements.

Utility Style Billing:

Bare metal servers can be deployed or shut down on demand, which means you only have to pay for what you use. So, it is a more scalable, cost-effective, and easily customizable type of dedicated hosting.

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