How can I transfer my domain to Zalvis?

Domain transfer varies depending on the domain TLD and the current registrar, some transfers are instant while others take a few days for processing by the registry. When a domain is transferred, the nameservers remain the same, transferring your domain will not affect your hosting.

Before the Transfer

For a hassle-free transfer, ensure all restrictions are removed, and contact details are valid and up to date because this is where the verification link for the transfer email will go and, your EPP code is handy. Check the following steps:

  1. Has your domain been registered for 60 days and more? A domain can not usually be transferred within 60 days of registration.
  2. Was there a recent change to the email address, first and last name or name of the organisation within the last 60 days? As a security feature, there is usually also a 60-day period in which you cannot transfer a domain after changes like this.
  3. Is the registrar lock disabled? Some domains have a transfer lock. Make sure your domain is unlocked with your current provider
  4. Do you have your EPP code handy? This is sometimes called an EPP code and you need to retrieve it from your old provider’s control panel.
  5. Is the registrar lock disabled? Some domains have a transfer lock. Make sure your domain is unlocked with your current provider.

If yes, let’s get started with the transfer process:

Step 1: Log in to
Step 2: Click Domains -> Domain Transfer
Step 3: Enter the domain name, click the transfer button
Step 4: Input the EPP code
Step 5: Click next, this takes you to the payment page, pay and check out

In some cases, an email will be sent to your administrative email address to approve the transfer, click the approve transfer to approve the transfer. This is increasingly rare due to GDPR changes and often you will not an email a all. Now wait for the transfer to be completed, you will get an email notifying you of the successful transfer.

Please note that it takes 5 to 7 days to complete.

How much do Transfers cost?

Transfers are free, but some TLDs include a one-year compulsory renewal. We do not charge any extra for the actual transfer. For example, if your .com domain expires in one year and you choose to transfer the domain, after the transfer your domain will expire in two years.

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