Extended support that are out of scope for other hosts..

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WordPress Updates

Updates of WordPress, plugins, and theme – carried out by hand. Starting from $69 / occasion.


If your theme or a plugin is causing problems - reach out to us. Starting from $150 / hour


Front-end design and development using HTML and CSS. Starting from $100 / hour


Need to change or add a feature? No task is too small. Starting from $150 / hour

Stress Testing

We stress test your website using simulated traffic during specific time intervals. Based on an analysis of test data, response times, and website-logs, we identify potential problems and performance bottlenecks, and recommend solutions and resource plan for the website. Starting from $100 / occasion

Speed Optimization

A full speed optimization of your site, including fixing issues causing load times lagging. *Free when migrating a website to Zalvis. Starting from $289* / occasion

Zalvis Add-ons FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions about our add-ons.

Do I need Zalvis hosting plan before purchasing an add-on?

Yes for most of the add-ons. Front-end design and development is the only add-on that can be purchased without a hosting plan and used with any other WordPress host provider.

What add-ons does Zalvis offer?

Zalvis offers a wide range of add-ons that are designed to help you manage, build, monitor and secure your websites.

I run an e-commerce website, which Zalvis's add-on is right for me?

Our eCommerce plans come bundled in with add-ons designed to help your eCommerce store succeed. If you need more of any add-on or would like to explore other options, one of our sales reps would be happy to help.

My site seeks major spikes in traffic throughout the year, which add-on should I explore?

For high traffic sites, we recommend our Speed Optimisation, Stress Testing add-ons.

Is there a way to automatically update plugins on my WordPress site?

Smart Plugin Manager by Zalvis will automatically update WordPress plugins on all sites you manage so you don’t have to do it manually ever again.

Is there any Zalvis add-on that work specifically with Cloudflare?

Yes, we have partnered with Cloudflare to offer Global Edge Security, DDoS mitigation, as an add-on.

Which add-on will alert me about issues on my website?

Site Monitoring by Zalvis alerts of website issues as soon as they happen

What is Object Cache and how can I purchase it?

Object Cache provides an alternative caching backend that resides in memory rather than a database. It's by-default included in our all hosting plans.

How good is your support?

It's the best one. Our support crew contains only experienced WordPress developers, who are ready to help and give advice to you. Our support is free, and you can contact us either from our Skype or from our platform.

How do I enable an add-on?

Simply log in to your Zalvis account and choose the Add-Ons dropdown in the upper right of the dashboard! From there, you can enable the add-on of your choice! Or contact our sales reps for assistance.