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Accelerated Infrastructure

By placing your website in an isolated environment with scalable resources combining it with server-level cache, image optimization, CDN, and a tech stack optimized for WordPress, we truly maximize every aspect of its performance.

Zalvis Cloud™

We rejected the ‘host on Google Cloud servers’ option and created our own cloud instead. GCP or AWS is known for poor customer service and we don't become a hostage of someone else cloud. So, we have created our own cloud, with handpicked best-in-class CPUs, NVMe drives. Our server's I/O, read/write speed is faster than so-called GCP's C2 instances.

Tech Stack

Our web server built with LiteSpeed Enterprice, this performs 5X faster than Nginx and 28X faster than Apache when loading WordPress. This can handle hundreds of thousands of concurrent HTTP connections with no single page error. Instead of PHP-FPM, we use our own optimised version of PHP manager. Our database of choice is MariaDB, a more performant drop-in replacement for MySQL.


We have built our own content delivery network from the ground while others are depending on Cloudflare. Our high-speed CDN comes with 90+ PoPs around the earth. Our CDN will help you to boost your website’s response time and make it even faster by enabling QUIC/HTTP3 - the new standard protocol for web communication.

Image Optimization

For best performance we offer image optimization and conversion of images to WebP. The WebP standard, developed by Google, often gives size reductions of up to 70% compared to jpg and png. WebP image means faster page load speed with lead to additional performance gains for your web site.

Zalvis Cache™

At Zalvis, we have developed our custom server-side cache technology called "Zalvis Cache™" to boost your website loading speed and database execution time. It will cache the static files of your sites, including images, and frequent database calls at RAM, so they can be served faster the next time they are requested.

Auto Scaling

Say good bye to low-cost restricted hosting and welcome to our managed WordPress. Your website’s resources will automatically be scaled up in case of surges in load and traffic, making sure the website will run smoothly and be fast at all times. No sleep time or page error, nothing!

Next-Gen Security

Kick hackers butt by our vikings like security, we have invested heavily to protect your websites from all kind of hacking attempts and enemies. Our real-time CloudScanner isolate all kind of suspected files within just a blink of eyes.

Real-Time CloudScans

We frequently scan your website for malware and file changes that may indicate that it has been hacked. In the rare case something is discovered, we will isolate that file to an offshore location and inform you about the suspected file.

Daily Backups

Your website is safely backed up daily and stored for a month. If a change you made caused problems or your cat suddenly ran over your keyboard, you can always revert to a previous version with just a single click.

WAF & DDoS Protection

We automatically ban IP addresses after several unsuccessful login attempts. Your site is protected from DDoS attacks and brute force attacks. Not just that, our WAF will also protect your site from SQL injection, XSS, Spam, Malicious Scripts.

Encrypted SSL

You access your WordPress site will always run securely with encrypted SFTP and SSH connections. HTTPS is enabled for free by an SSL-certificate from Let’s Encrypt or Sectigo.

Automated Patching

Have an existing site you’re moving over that’s been infected? No problem! Our platform will automatically clean your site of any malware and/or malicious code upon migrating. Did we also mention it’s free and included on every WordPress install?

Safe Account Sharing

Share your Zalvis account with your team member or SEO expert or developer without the need to send user credentials in emails or chats.

24/7 In-House Support

WP updates, debugging, uptime monitoring, malware removal, custom functionality – we do it all for you, so you can focus on your business.

Speed Optimization

Enjoy a full speed optimization of your site, free of charge when migrating to Zalvis, including fixing issues causing load times lagging.

Uptime Monitoring

We keep a close eye on your website and perform an uptime check every 5 minutes. If something happens, we’re alerted and can respond to the potential problem before it affects your business.

Stress Testing

We stress test your website using simulated traffic during specific time intervals. Based on an analysis of test data, response times, and website-logs, we identify potential problems and performance bottlenecks, and recommend solutions and resource plan for the website.


If your theme or a plugin is causing problems - reach out to Zalvis support and get it fixed.

Hassle-Free Migration

When you're ready to move to Managed WordPress, you won't have to worry about downtime or any expense. Between our white glove service and automation tools, we'll make sure that your site moves over painlessly.

WordPress Updates

Updates of WordPress, plugins, and theme – carried out by hand.

What is Included?

Speed Optimization when Migrating
SSL Certificate
WordPress Expert Support
1-click Staging
24/7 Monitoring
High Speed CDN
Fine-tuned for WordPress
WebP Conversion
Vulnerabilities Checks
Support for GIT
LiteSpeed Enterprise
Daily Automatic Backups
Server Based Cache
HTTP3 Transfer Protocol
Site Cloning
SSH access with WP-CLI
Brotli Compression
Tailored Cache Settings
Latest Versions of PHP
Redis Object Cache
Regular Malware Checks
Fast NVMe Storage
Performance Monitoring
Container-based Technology
Uptime Checks every 5 Minutes

Zalvis Platform FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Zalvis platform features.

Why Zalvis.com?

Zalvis, a premier managed WordPress hosting provider, known for their strong expertise in WordPress and WooCommerce. Zalvis has delivered innovation and an exceptional experience to small businesses and the designers, developers and agencies who create for them for over 10 years. Zalvis is developing the product and open-source platform capabilities that SMB customers and their developers have been asking for. With a proven infrastructure and support that goes beyond the server, our Zalvis expertise in WordPress and WooCommerce is unparalleled in the industry, and our modern and ever-evolving approach to these applications means that we are always ahead of the curve.

Do you offer a free trail?

No, we don't want to start our relationship with trials, we do offer instead long 30-day money-back guarantee.

How quickly can I get my sites online?

Once you set up your new account, you can be online within minutes. We have an exceptional migration tool you can use if you're bringing over a site from an external host, or our in-house migration team can assist you for a more white glove experience. Better still, since we offer SSL certificates automatically with every site on your plan, you can securely launch your new site in as little time as it takes for you to build it out in WordPress.

Can you take care of my email and domain needs as well?

Yes. We can take care of your email accounts and domain names under the same roof. Unlike other providers, emails and domains are free of cost with our all subscriptions.

How is your platform optimized for WordPress?

Our team lives and breathes WordPress. Many of us have been using it since the earliest years and we've learned a lot along the way. Our Managed WordPress platform was built from the ground up with hundreds of modifications and special rules to ensure you have the fastest, most stable, most flexible delivery service for your content.

Do you have a uptime guarantee for WordPress hosting?

Of course. We aim for 99.99% uptime and provide fully management to all of our WordPress clients. We don't provide second class services to any of our customers, a feature most hosting providers can't compete with. We understand that your WordPress website is an important part of your business or entrepreneurial venture so we manage websites with the utmost care and importance. We guarantee your experience with Zalvis will be like no other.

Can I host multiple websites under same account?

Yes, you can add as many websites as you want to your account as per your subscribed plan.

What if I exceed my included bandwidth?

All our plans include a generous amount of bandwidth. If, however, you should exceed your included amount, your site will of course continue to be available and be as fast as before and we charge an additional $0.20/GB for the exceeded bandwidth.

Can I run my online store on the managed WordPress platform?

You sure can! We know you might have a number of sites and some of them might require WordPress ecommerce. That's why we've made certain modifications to provide a perfect balance between power and profitability. If your store is ready to go to the next level, we recommend you check out our customer success managers, for the best solution according to your requirements.

How does it cost to host a multisite network?

A multisite network consists of a single WordPress install and only requires a single plan. This applies to both subdomain and subfolder setups.

Are your WordPress hosting packages fully managed?

Yes! Our WordPress experts team is committed to 100% fully managed services. Get 24/7 support with any of our packages, including our WordPress hosting plans. We provide many premium features for your WordPress hosting account at no additional charge such as free SSL certificates, WordPress staging sites, WordPress theme and plugin management, automated AI based updates and much more.

Do you offer reseller or affiliate programs?

We would love to talk more about this with you! We offer several flexible partner programs designed to support the way you do business, so that you can better serve your customers. Please contact our partner team at [email protected] to get started today.

Will I get SSH/Terminal/SFTP access for WordPress?

Sure you will. We know people still like to manage, update and access their hosting accounts via SSH, Terminal and SFTP. So, we've included both of them in our WordPress hosting accounts.

Do you offer domain names with your WordPress hosting?

Yes! You can utilize our domain registration services to register a brand new domain name or transfer your existing domain to our services. Regardless of where your domain name is registered you can fully utilize our hosting services.

What payment methods do you offer?

We accept all major credit and debit cards via secure payment providers like PayPal and Stripe.